Future of Art Interview with Erik Niedling & Ingo Nierman

by Liv Tait on November 23, 2010

There are many reasons I love Twitter. One of them is stumbling upon great exhibitions, parties for Miami (can we talk about how everyone planned all their parties for the 30th? Coordinate people!) and, once in a while, finding a great artist or artwork!

I recently got a new Twitter follower called @theFutureofArt and so I checked out their website. Well as regular readers know by now, they had me at Olafur Eliasson. Turns out The Future of Art is a project by Erik Niedling and Ingo Nierman, part of which consists of interviewing some of the art world’s top influencers.

Obviously I started with their interview (in German) with one of my favorite artists ever and then got hooked on the rest. They’ve gotten some less than nice reviews in Art Magazin (in German), but I highly disagree. Okay, so maybe the work wont “massively influence the future of art,” but I think anyone interested in contemporary art and it’s power players needs to watch this movie. It’ll be released with English subtitles and a book containing the longer interviews soon, so if you don’t understand German you gotta hold out a little longer. But I guarantee it’ll be worth the wait.

I chatted with Erik and Ingo about their project (and Olafur) recently, so check it out:

Liv: Tell us more about the project. What was the idea behind it? How did it all start?

E&I: The idea of the film is to interview important figures of the art world on how it works and where it’s heading to. While doing this Ingo who is basically a writer tries to become an artist himself and develop an artwork that has chances to sustain relevant for at least the next hundred years.

Liv: How did you choose who you would interview?

E&I: It were either great people that we already knew or great people that we always wanted to meet.

Liv: What were people’s (particularly those you asked for interviews) reactions when you told them about the project?

E&IA lot of them were irritated by our effort to actually look for the future of art. Nowadays art and the art world is mainly dealing with the present and the past.

Liv: As most of my readers know I absolutely love Olafur Eliasson’s work. How was it to interview him?

E&I: We met him in his studio where he had dozens of assistants working for him and his students waiting for him but he stayed unbelievably calm. We talked about his ambition to build a whole new city and we wouldn’t doubt that he is capable of handling it.

Liv: Who was the most fun/ intimidating / interesting to interview?

E&I: Maybe the most intense interview was the one with Terence Koh. He’s extremely shy and used to drink lots of Tequila to be able to speak but with us he stayed sober. Extremely charming, still very tense. His cat Hans Mayer preferred to sit on the lap of Ingo who’s suffering from a cat allergy. At the end of the interview the back of Terence’s shirt was completely wet while Ingo’s blue suit looked white because of Hans Mayer’s many hairs.

Liv: How do you two know each other?

E&I: We discovered a lot of similar interests, especially in plastic chairs and pyramids. Together we head the association Friends of the Great Pyramid that promotes the erection of a monumental tomb for potentially everyone.

Liv: Can each of you speak a little about your own work previous to this piece.

E&IIngo is a writer. In English he published “The Curious World of Drugs and Their Friends” together with Adriano Sack and he edits the Solution series at Sternberg Press. Each volume proposes daring Solutions how to radically redesign a specific state. Erik is an artist who has so far mainly worked with photography. His work is dealing with archives and entropy.

Liv: Will you be showing the film at all in the States? Switzerland? Other places? I saw an English version will be for sale soon, right? Where?

E&I: Next spring Sternberg Press will publish an English subtitled DVD and a book with long versions of the interview. In addition there will be a couple of screenings at different international art institutions. We’ll keep you updated in our open Facebook site.

Liv: What do you hope to achieve with the film?

E&I: To massively influence the future of art.

Liv: Future plans?

E&ITo make the artwork that Ingo is developing within the film actually happen. To make the art persona that Erik is developing within the film actually happen.

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  • artlover

    Kudos to the future of art!

  • Alfred

    Expressive, or shall we rather say impressive gentlemen indeed!

  • http://thetaitglobal.com Liv

    I know! cool stuff right

  • http://thetaitglobal.com Liv

    haha, definitely!

  • Dianne

    I watched that little film and Iwas wondering, do you know where they filmed the sequence with the tunnel made of mirror squares, like a fashionabel futuristique (yeah!) Versailles hall of mirrors??? Presumably that Eliasson, couldent be anyone else now???

  • Robert

    Ja, und dann sehen sie in ein looking glass und erzählen uns, wie’s dann wird für die Kunst in der Zukunft, oder was?
    Ist zwar interessant zusammen gestellt und wird sicher viel Attention auf sich ziehen, aber mal ehrlich, wer sieht denn schon voraus? Ist es nicht besser, aus der Vergangenheit oder eventuell auch der Gegenwart Schlüsse für morgen zu ziehen?

  • Arte

    Gush, I have been following you for what, half a year now and you must have become one of the top shots in art blogging by now!

  • Vonbalthesser

    @ Robert: Vergangen heit und Gegenwart : Genau da wird nachgeschaut. Zukunft gibts ja nicht;)

  • http://www.gedankenschwer-und-tempoarm.de ChaLi

    Good luck. Cos 2the future of art” probably “needs u”!

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